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On April 7th 2022, I cycled from North London, UK to Auckland, New Zealand.

From London, I cycled to France, Belgium and the Netherlands before following the River Rhine south through Germany. After the Alps, I ventured towards the Dalmatia Coast in Croatia. After reaching Split, I made a b-line for Istanbul through the Balkans and Greece, cycling East until I reached Tbilisi. Covid put an end to dreams of the Caspian Sea, so I caught a flight to the Stans. I cycled the Old Silk Road and the Pamir Highway before I made haste towards the Karakorum Highway in Pakistan and northern India. Civil war in Myanmar meant I had to fly to northern Thailand where I cycled a loop of the region, finishing in Singapore. In Australia I cycled from Perth to Sydney across the Nullarbor in summer. I then rode the South and North Islands of New Zealand, reaching my destination, Auckland, 13 month after I'd set off. 


The original plan was to do it without flying, but unfortunately multiple land borders were closed due to Covid and war, which made overland and sea travel impossible. 

This blog was intended as a way to share the bicycle touring journey with friends, family, and anyone who was interested.

The first post covers more about my 'why' and cycling Land's End to John O'Groats.

Route stuff, go here.
Gear stuff, go here

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